EVGA GTX 760 ACX Power supply Issues, Will this Config work?

Built my PC 6 months ago and recently ordered a new GTX 760 to replace my pathetic GT 610

I like many other newbies overlooked the importance of the power supply and bought a Thermaltake 430 watt PSU for 30 bucks, The problem is that my PSU only has one 6 pin power connector and the GTX 760 requires an 8 pin AND a 6 pin connector. But in the gpu box evga included a 6 pin power connector that joins two Molex adapters into one 6 pin, so I would have TWO 6pin adapters, 2 pins under the required amount, ive read that this works,any ideas? I really dont want to buy a new power supply after spending 250$ Please HELP!

This is the one PCI-E 6 pin connector that came with the PSU

Molex Adapters


PCI 8 pin that is already in use
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    Though reference cards run with the two 6 pin, I would not recommend it, on top of that the card alone requires 30 amps across the 12V rail, you only supply 35. This would starve either the GPU or CPU of power.
  2. The TR2 series are among the worst power supplies on the market. Do not stress it. A GTX 760 needs a recommended 500w power supply.

    You want tier 2b or better on this list.
  3. yep, look at least at getting something like a Corsair CX 500, cheap and with sufficient quality, even though it is corsair entry level.

    It'll be found under $60
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