Would an i3 4130 bottleneck a GTX 760? what about a GTX 770?

I know bottlenecking is inevitable, but you know, compared to an i5 4430 would I lose performance? No CPU heavy games, just in general.
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  1. No I don't think it will bottleneck the 760. Not sure about the 770. For general usage, it shouldn't matter anyways, but for more instruction intensive games or applications you might see some performance loss with the 770.
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    That CPU is surprisingly strong. A bottleneck shows with a Radeon 290X/GTX 780. Battlefield 4 @1080p(ultra settings) it will average 59 fps, vs. 72 fps for an i5-4670K(not overclocked).

    It's only a dual core, but Windows sees 4 threads(Intel's hyper threading technology). And Intel cores are very strong. A FX-6350 can only pull 50 fps in that high end gaming benchmark(BF4).
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