is my i7 4770k bad at overclocking ? i have it stable @ 4.3ghz using 1.242v in my bios

I just bought my 2nd i7 4770k and my overclocking results with this one is 4.3ghz using 1.242v typed in my bios. when stress testing using ROG realbench my max temperature is 75c . when stress testing using prime95 my max temperature is 78c. my motherboard is a asus z87 ROG Maximus vi hero and my cooler is a corsair h100i. is my i7 4770k a bad overclocker ? or is it average ? I did not try to get my cpu stable @ 4.4ghz or 4.5ghz yet
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    Your second 4770K...
    It's the cheap thermal paste under the IHS. The Devil's Canyon(Haswell refresh) in a month should really be interesting you! We may be getting a soldered 4770K(called 4790K). The glory days of the 2700K may be coming back, 5.0 GHz.

    You can also cut the IHS off and use a better paste:
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