Just barely, windows started to screw up and say I ran out of hard drive space, when I still have about half a terabyte left

So just about 5-10 minutes ago, I was working in illustrator and photoshop, listening to music on itunes, doing pretty casual stuff. It was all normal, then when I started trying to use the brush tool in photoshop, and it said that it couldn't do it because there isn't enough hard drive space. I thought it was just a little error in photoshop, but then I started getting tons of messages from other programs like winRAR saying that I don't have enough hard drive space or something. I also got a notification from google drive that I ran out of hard drive space, which isn't true since the most I use my cloud storage for is saving some images and brushes. I quickly checked my hard drive and it says that it was 100% full. I was being bombarded with all these messages so I quickly reset my computer before anything started to uninstall. I had to go through a windows update (I'm on windows 8.1 btw), and when I logged on again, I stopped getting messages, but now my hard drive says I have less than a gigabyte left, which is not true since before I had around 430 gigabytes left.

I don't know what this is about, literally the only things I install on my computer are steam games, adobe applications, and autodesk applications, and some little open source programs here and there. All of which were NOT pirated, and were legally bought from their original sites.

Here is a pic of my hard drive as of now:

I believe it was some sort of windows error and not a virus, since I don't download anything suspicious.

Any help?

Edit: Some error checker came up when I went through the properties of the hard drive, I did a full scan and it told me there were 0 errors
I then clicked on disk cleanup and the most I can delete is 7 gigs. Also I constantly see how much storage I have on my hard drive every day, so it isn't like I went over board and didn't realize. (earlier today I had 430 gigabytes)

EDIT EDIT: this is rather ironic, so this time I tried restoring windows from a different point, and I guess I can't due to something eating up my entire hard drive
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    welp, I finally figured out what was wrong. From the looks of it, it was a boat load of temp files. I got them deleted and now my hard drive is at it's original size. Thank god It still had 1 gig left, or else it would be way harder for me.
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