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Problem with system randomly restarting. Restarts when in bios after a few seconds.

Last response: in Systems
May 13, 2014 8:11:00 PM

I completed a build for my girlfriend a few days ago and been testing it out, it has restarted two times while I have been running programs and such. I try to go to the UEFI bios to check the version, so I can update it, in case that is the problem, but it restarts after a few seconds in the bios menu.

I am afraid to update the bios in fear it will restart while the bios is loading.

The motherboard is an Asrock FM2A55M-HD+

Edit: Oh I forgot to mention, when it has restarted I get 5 beeps from the speaker. Also I had a problem when I installed an aftermarket heatsink, it seemed I was getting a short.

Edit #2: It might not be restarting when in bios, what it does it leave the bios screen and goes back to the splash screen. It has frozen there and I have restarted and entered windows. Not sure if other times it has entered windows without restart though. I am still under warranty. I am considering trying to flash and if it causes the mobo to crash I may still be able to return, but would rather fix on my own.
May 13, 2014 9:07:05 PM

It seems more like a ram problem to me, are you sure they placed correctly in the slots? Try cleaning the teeth with alcohol, let them dry, and see if that works!
May 13, 2014 9:37:02 PM

Ram is placed correctly, it may be a ram problem since when I do go to bios and have the few seconds there it will sometimes show a speed of 1333 MHZ instead of 1600. It showed 1600 most times, but a few times it was at 1333. The funny thing is though the pc runs for hours without restarting, but when i go to bios mode it only lasts a few seconds.
May 14, 2014 3:17:10 PM

So I tried some different ram and am still having the same problem. It seemed to last longer when in the bio menu, but it still caused it to boot to windows after about a minute. The computer runs fine for the most part in windows but it will randomly restart.
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