Epson 1640 Scanner Won't Work With Virtual XP Mode In Windows 7

I've built a new computer with Windows 7. My Epson 1640 SU photo scanner (oldie but goodie) won't work because Epson doesn't make a Win7 driver for it. I've installed Virtual WinXP Mode and have tried to install the scanner there, no luck.

I went to the Epson website and downloaded a WinXP driver, then installed it. Installation goes well, I've tried plugging in the scanner before driver installation and after driver installation. Doesn't work either way. I've removed the scanner software and Twain drivers completely and shut the machine off completely several times and no luck. I continue to get the "Could not open the Twain source" error message. I've tried several different USB ports and no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You may have to go the way I did, I bought this scanning software which installs it's own generic driver which supports 99% of all USB-connected flatbed scanners. It's called VueScan but it's not free, you can try it for thirty days to make sure it works to your satisfaction.

    Actually it easily beats the pants off the simplistic scanning utility you get with the scanner so it's worth the asking price ($40) anyway in my opinion:

    Another big plus with VueScan is that you can keep using your existing flatbed scanner instead of having to ditch it and buy an inferior combined printer/scanner, since new flatbeds are getting harder to find as standalone devices.
  2. Thanks, Phillip!

    The Hamrick software was suggested by the Epson website. It didn't say that there was a free trial, so I may give it a try. I didn't want to buy it not knowing if it would work. Still hoping there is a free solution.
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    Trust me, there is no free solution (that's legal anyway). I spent an entire week researching this when I was faced with the same problem.

    However, the cost of VueScan did make me wonder whether the money would have been better spent on a new scanner instead. That's until I learned that most of them today are combined printer/scanners which cost more than VueScan.

    Plus, VueScan software interface is far superior to that supplied with the scanner.
  4. I'll try the demo version. Otherwise, I've still got some WinXP machines that I can use for scanning it necessary.
  5. The Epson Perfection 1640SU is supported by the VueScan software according to their list of supported scanners:
  6. Thank you! I haven't had a chance to mess with it yet.
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