MSI ATI Gcard vs. MSI RADEON R9 280x Gcard?

Hey guys. So im looking to rebuild a new computer and currently have:

Intel i5 4670k
MSI Z87GD65 gaming mobo
2x8GB ripjaw RAM

I'm using my old HDD and screens etc. its just i need to upgrade my GPU and was going to buy the R9280x 3GB graphics card.
Pretty much i hit a walk in my decision.

The MSI ATI R9 280x is $100.
the MSI RADEON R9 280x is $400.
So obviously there must be a huge quality difference between ati and radeon.
Im just curios as to why its such a jump in price...... Like 300 is a big arse discount.

ati gcard. $100Scam?
amd gcard $400
radeon gcard $500

Cheers guys

Ps. If i used any terms or weird ways to mention stuff....yeah i have been teaching myself about comps so im not too fluent on the mumbo jumbo yet.
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    There is no ATI R9 series, or any series for that matter. AMD bought out ATI years ago.

    Do you have links to the cards in question? One is likely a scam.
  2. Is the $100 one from eBay?
  3. Obviously posted links didnt show haha.

    Ill go find them again. I was curios as to whetger a scam or not
  4. Its a bid, so that explains the lower price tag. Used isnt the best idea, as you have no way to know how it was treated when it WAS used. The warranty dosent mean much, as only XFX has a transferable warranty last I saw.

    The fact there are no images of the card, or the box, or anything but a google image, coupled with his 1 positive feedback, I would avoid it.
  5. Ah crap. How did i not see "bid".

    Sorry about that mate.
  6. Its all good, I didnt see it at first either.
  7. LAst thing.
    I know this is used but If the guy gets back to me about why he is selling etc.

    How's this?
    6GB Gcard

    Though I'm thinking play it safe and just get the new 3GB one
    I do think i see wear or a mark on the base of the front casing so it might have taken damage.
  8. I see a mark on the shroud, but there is really nothing wrong with it FROM SIGHT. I would ask him as many questions as you can, its a good buy, and that makes it suspicions.
  9. Yeah it seemed to much of a bargain. I might just play it safe.

    Thanks heaps :D
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