which case is better? please help

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  1. For a normal build, nearly any mid-tower case is OK. It gets down to whether you like the looks. Which is a decision for you only
  2. I would go with the HAF X, myself. It has better airflow. And a better place to put a radiator on the top, if you ever want to.

    Besides, it looks cooler. ;)

    Unless you want 4 SSD's. That's a pretty impressive feature.

    Just my 2 cents...
  3. Both are Cooler Master full sized ATX tower cases. The HAF X is probably the best from a cooling standpoint. The Stryker is probably the better looking case, and it has a handle which makies it more portable.

    They are pretty similar in quality, so pick the one you like the best
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    Also, check this case out:

    You can't beat $30 and free shipping!
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