Fix or remove the ASUS UEFI application at startup in Windows 7?

Just built my first computer and it has:
an ASRock Z87 Extreme 4 motherboard,
an i7 3770K processor,
and two ASUS GTX GeForce 660 graphics cards in SLI mode
and it is running Windows 7 Ultimate.

I'm still installing all my applications and drivers for various gear, and trying to tweak the performance and user experience. This is includes removing extraneous software and unwanted applications from startup. All is well, except the ASUS UEFI utility application always opens, says it "doesn't support multiple graphics cards on the motherboard" and really appears to do nothing.

I'm trying to understand if I need to update the BIOS for any reason, what this application actually does, and whether I can uninstall it or how to just remove it from the startup process (as it does not exist in the startup folder OR in msconfig).

I'm in no rush, but I'd really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks for reading at the least!!
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  1. You use the uefi to access some of the bios settings eg cpu voltage and fan rpm to control temp and overclocking.

    If you open it you can tick or untick auto start with windows. I like to keep mine running in the background to monitor temps.
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