Screen Stays Black when PC is still on

Ok guys I got a new Video Card and when i try to turn my PC on the Screen is Black but the PC comes on. So i turned it off and back on 5 time and Finley the screen shows so i was thanking it was my PSU so i go and get a new one and it still is doing it plz help this is driving me NutZ lol...


8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3

AMD Phenom II X4 830

HD 7950 3GB

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  1. Did you disable the integrated graphics in the BIOS?

    Are the LEDs and fans powered up?
  2. Yes Sir
  3. Yes to both questions?
  4. LoL yes,,, I have looked at and all of the PC and i still dont know whats going on...
  5. Here are a couple of check lists for "no video output".

    Have you tried removing the GPU and using the video outputs from the motherboard?
  6. Ya like i said after i turn it on and off 5 time the screen comes on and plays good i just dont get why i got to turn it on and off soo many times
  7. Open up the side of the case. Check if the graphics card fans are spinning. Check if the case fans are spinning. Check if the motherboard LED"S are lit up. If the graphics card fans aren't spinning the it indicates a graphic card problem. If the case fans and motherboard LED'S are off it indicates a power supply problem.
  8. It may be a situation that you need to wait longer for the screen to come up.
  9. ok im looking at it now and all fans and led's r on... and the fans on the gpu is on.
  10. Did removing the GPU improve the situation?
  11. i got to see give me a few mins ill post win done
  12. ok still the same
  13. The forum is not working correctly. Responses aren't being flagged or notified.
  14. Go through the check lists. They cover most of the common problems that will cause a problem like this. Do you have a case speaker? If so are there any beep codes? Or if you have an LED error display, are there any error codes?

    One problem that isn't very obvious is a RAM error. Remove the RAM sticks one at a time, Clean the RAM contacts and blow out each RAM slot. Then re-seat the RAM stick.
  15. still nothing im so sad
  16. anyone have any clue to what this can be
  17. Do you have a monitor that you can switch out the current one with?

    Or do you have a friend that can test you monitor on their system?
  18. We have eliminated the monitor and graphics card.

    Did you re-seat the RAM? Did you run memtest on the RAM?

    Did you get a case speaker and check for beep codes? Have you tried switching to integrated graphics?

    Power Supply.
    Did you monitor the power supply? Did you check the voltages with a multimeter?
    Did you switch out the power supply with a working power supply.

    Have you tried waiting a few (3 - 5) minutes before hitting the power button? Have you tried switching the monitor cables? Have you tried switching monitor cable types?

    Have you checked if the PCI X16 SLOT is selected for your graphics (when using a graphics card)?
  19. Ya did that i got 3 monitor still the same i guess ill just take it to a PC repair guy and thats sad lol
  20. Ok i toke the Video card out and used the integrated graphics and it works so now i need to look at the video card.... but in i do get it to come on with the video card and i play game it run BF4 with about 70 - 80 fps with high setting so i dont get why it takes me 5 time to get the video card to boot in to windows
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    That may be GPU driver problem. You said this problem began with the installing the new graphics card. Perhaps you should return the GPU, and start over with a new card.
  22. thanks for the help Terry4536 it was my Video card i got to send it in to get fix thanks for the help man .....
  23. You are welcome. Good luck.
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