Windows 7 starter will not detect wireless connection after installing updates

MSI notebook will not detect any wireless connection after installing updates last February. I already did the system restore and deleted the updates. I also uninstalled the network adapters under device manager and scan for.hardware changes and still wont work. One thing I noticed is theres no wireless connection under Network connections. I only see local area connection. I tried installing wireless driver in the manufacturers site and is saying "the device may not be present or could have been ejected/unplugged from the system. Insert or reinsert now. Does it mean thatuhmy WiFi card is broken? Please help
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  1. Could be - how old is the laptop? Can you see the device (what chip is it?) in Control Panel, Device Manager, Network Adapetrs?

    Can you try a cmos/bios reset?
  2. Hi, what you can try is to remove the card and plug it in after, if it's a bad connection, this will solve your problem.
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