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Hello everyone, first time doing this and a total noob at this so I know not much about computers so please dumb down things for me. So this is what happened. I turned on my pc and the power button got stuck so it was as if it was held down, but of course I didnt notice. And then gigabytes bual bios recovery thing kicked in and said my main bios was corrupted and had to load the back up. So it did I it restarted and the I did the system repair cause the conputer said it was recommended lol. And after it was done it restated and wouldnt go past the bios boot up page. So I restarted and it eventually past the bios boot up after a min or 2. I c the windows boot up part and see the animation of the 4 lights appear but soon as I see it I get a bsod. I am able to go into my bios setup but dont really know what to do there. Sorry for the long story but I thought itll be best if I said it all. So I dont know if I should upgrade my bios, which is at the default settetings I believe, or try to fix my windows, or whatever. Also the startup repair keeps saying the "Unspecified changes to system configuration might have causes the problem" dont know what thats means and what to do with it.
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  1. Ok pretty much all of them is okay, havent tried the battery thing yet. Ill try that tomorrow and get back to you guys as soon as I can
  2. I realized I stated that wrong. I meant the other parts work fine and soesnt seem to be the cause. Going through the list and will finish the rest tomorrow
  3. Hello sorry for the late reply, got finals at school so I might be long with my replies in the future. So I went through the check list and nothing works still. Also while I was inside the computer I cleaned the dust if that account for anyrhing. Also tested to see if the hdd was functional on a different computer. Sorry for the grammer im doing this all on my tablet and its a bit hard to type.
  4. OK - can you do a cmos/bios reset? - via bios (f2 on statup to get in) or by - power off, wait 5 mins, remove motherboard big button battery, wait 5 mins, replace battery and start up again.
  5. Sorry again for the late reply. Just got back and decided to do a little test on the hdd. So I took my hdd to my dads pc, which boots up just fine, and I hooked it up and tried to boot it there. And well it didnt and gave the bsod thing. So next I took my dads computers hdd and put it in my pc to check and it booted just fine. Another thing I tried was checking if I can just hook up my hdd as a secondary to see if I can access my files and it worked. So im guessing my problem is that theres somehting wrong with my windows. Tried to find the windows disk that camewith my pc but dont remember where I put it. So is there a way to fix my windows some how. Thanks for the help
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    Do a Windows re-install.
  7. Sorry for the extremely late post. School, finals, backing up everything, and finding the windows disk proved to be very time consuming. Hit a couple of bumps, decided to do a clean installation and didnt know I had to reinstall all the drivers lol. But all in all everything is back into working conditions. Thank you for all your help i7Baby and sorry for all the late posts.
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