Use SATA3 SSD over 146GB SAS for ESXi Server- Any benefit?

Greetings community. I have a Dell server, I think R520, that is just my ESXi box. We run VMware 5.0 on a FAS2040 through a Cisco 3750G. The server currently has 3 x 146GB SAS drives in RAID. I am thinking of replacing the HDDs with a couple Kingston V300 SATA III 120GB SSDs, because they are only $60 each. This server doesn't see a lot of action, so I'm in no way worried about the lifespan of the non-enterprise SSDs. Will I see any benefit at all from the SSDs if all my VMs are running off the FAS2040 and the server is basically just my ESXi server?

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    Hell yeah - speed will increase dramatically.
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