Is xfx 550w psu good enough with fx-8350 and r9 280x or gtx 770

Title says they question.
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  1. 280x yes, 770 no (need 600W)
  2. both would be fine as long as you don't overclock
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    770 will run off a 550W PSU like that, easily. The R9 280X draws more power! 250W vs 230W TDP.

    I opt getting the R9 280X with your System, best to keep that CPU with that GPU, as AMD with AMD is best. Though I can't really talk, i7 4930k with R9 290X....But that's because AMD don't make such a CPU.
  4. i7Baby said:
    280x yes, 770 no (need 600W)

    Evidently you're not aware that the GTX 770 takes less power than the 280X to run.
  5. I go on recommendations from Real Hard Tech.

    I don't do any power supply testing
  6. i7Baby said:
    I go on recommendations from Real Hard Tech.

    I don't do any power supply testing

    and if you would read bellow the list there, they decided to switch the nvidia chips to the values "recommended" by nvidia instead of real word measurements like they do for amd.

    my guess is people got burned using their measurements because of bad quality psu-s (bad quality 300W psu + gtx 770 = bad) so they had no choice but to agree with nvidia and their recommendation page. there's a reason a 600W psu is recommended and that's to take into account cheap manufacturers that brand bad quality/low power psu-s higher. (i saw psu-s that were "600W" but only 300W on the 12V rail for example)

    not the case with the xfx we're discussing here. it is a good quality psu that does deliver its rated power. only way to get close to the limit it has is if the system is overclocked where the extra 20-30% wattage brings it closer to its limit.
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