3 different computers 3 different antivirus softwares none will connect to internet only iPad will

3 different computers 3 different antivirus softwares none will connect to internet only iPad will. All 3run windows 7 ,two of them for years, one for 6 months. Microsoft tells me it is an interesting issue and they will need $100 per computer to LOOK at them.
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  1. I am sure it is nothing related to the Windows. Never ever think of giving 300$ to Microsoft because they can't fix it. I bet it's the modem you use something must've gone wrong with it buy a new one and set it. Profit!
  2. Did any of them ever connect? If so, what has changed? Is this by wifi? Do you have a wifi router? Do the pc's have wifi cards?

    Pick one pc. Can you find the network using Control Panel Connect to a Network? If so, connect. The do other pc's.

    If not, go to Control Panel , Device Manger and check Network Adapters are workinga dn ahve up to date drivers.
  3. Ok so the iPad is obviously connecting via wifi, what about the 3 computers ? Are the computers showing as connected in your router admin page? You haven't really given us much information to go on. I doubt it's anything to do with antivirus software, three different applications all causing the same issue is highly unlikely. Sounds more like your computers aren't getting assigned an IP address by your router.
  4. If I do a system restore I get connection for about 30 min. Wifi and/or LAN line. If I have them set on home network my PS3 reads them as there, currently set as public so as not to share info with each other just incase. PS3and the iPad work fine router is less than a year old. They all can find 10+ wifi connections, and it ties into mine fine but no connection. Anything else I can tell ya?
  5. Thanks Joey2009 but it's a no go
  6. Ok it's a long shot but try this. Open up device manager, go to 'Network adapters' bring up the properties for your network card go to the power management tab and uncheck the option that allows the computer to turn the card off.
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