Need help with a gaming rig.

Hey, just wondering if my current gaming rig will run relatively new games such as bf3/4 crisis 3 at medium-high settings?

Cpu: Amd a4 5300 (3.40 ghz)
ram: 8 gb of ddr3 ram (1600mhz)
gpu: Xfx Radeon hd 6950 (2gb version)
Psu:Corsair 650W VS650
HDD: western digital caviar black

Dejan :)
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  1. I guess yes as the GPU you use is powerful but you might want to upgrade you CPU to an FX 4xxx or 6xxx. Hope it helps.
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    Confirmed GPU is OKAY! Upgrade the CPU I'd say :)
  3. It will if you upgrade your cpu.
  4. That setup will run most games on medium settings. If you want high to ultra highest you will need to upgrade the CPU and GPU. You can get a good 7890+ fir $130 of so.
  5. Mudit Rawat 07 said:
    Confirmed GPU is OKAY! Upgrade the CPU I'd say :)

    Thanks heaps!
    Currently have all the parts I have listed and running all of my games at reasonable settings (medium-high and even ultra on some) will upgrade the CPU in the near future
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