Help With $400-$440 Low Budget Gaming Rig (From Philippines)

Hi guys I need help in making a low budget gaming pc for about $400-$440 or ₱17500-₱19500 in our country's currency. I'm going to purchase the parts probably after a week once I finally know what parts I should buy. I don't need a keyboard, mouse or monitor and all other peripherals. I'm only able to purchase the parts from this site: by the way, and sorry if it does not have many options... Basically all I will do is play games and surf the net with a bit of photoshop... I'm a newbie at this and thanks in advance!

P.S. This is gonna my first pc. :)
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  2. juve9le said:

    Thanks dude, this seems to be the best out of all the people who have suggested me a build. :)
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