Changed from AMD (Eyefinity) to Nvidia (Surround) - shortcuts ?

When i had my AMD 280x i set 3 custom presets for my multi monitor configuration.

ALT + 1 - activated a single display.
ALT + 2 - Activated 3 displays with 3 separate desktops.
ALT + 3 - Activated Eyefinity (making all 3 monitors a single desktop)

I bought a 780 ti:

I can't see any options for Nvidia control panel to allow me to do this and every time i want to change my Nvidia Surround back to 3 displays or 1 display i need to manually move the monitors around through the 'set up multiple displays'

There must be an easier way of managing the desktop profiles and surround!!??
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    After a bit of playing about i've managed to set the surround short cut to ALT +1 which disables/enables the surround.


    when i disable it, it defaults back to a single monitor not the previous display which was all 3 monitors enabled.

    need some help here :)
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