Looking for Confirmation - New GPU Needed

I posted a thread here a little while ago but figured I'd start a new one. What I'm looking for is some opinions, whether you folks think I have enough evidence that a new GPU is needed.

Currently I have 4 problems occurring:

- Blue Screen Crashes
- Artefacts
- Display drivers randomly crashing
- Computer freezing

I have up to date drivers for my GPU.

I've ran memtestx86 through 8 cycles with 0 errors found (15 hours of testing)

I removed all memory but a single stick, pc still froze.

I downloaded GPU testing program called OCCT. I ran a test within 10 minutes 500,000 errors had occurred and shortly thereafter my PC froze entirely.

At this point I feel pretty comfortable that my GPU is pooched and I need to purchase a new one. I know people will suggest switching out the GPU (I don't have another) or maybe running with onboard graphics but I have 2600k CPU with a P67 motherboard so can't.

But is there anything else I should try prior to saying for sure my GPU is the problem? I know it's possible it could be the motherboard but I'm unsure how to test that.
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    That's the direction I would go - typically that's linked to hardware failure, either an internal component or the fan on the GPU is no longer functioning enough to cool the unit
  2. Heat isn't really an issue, I should have noted that I've tested the fan and monitored the temps of the GPU. The highest temp I've seen is 84 degrees while the fan was running at 90%. Not super cool by any means but well within normal operating temperatures.

    It's an ATI 5870 so it's no spring chicken, had it since 2011.
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