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I just upgraded the cpu in my hpg62435dx laptop from the dual core turion to a quad core phenom II. now the phenom although not hot to the touch fanspeed says it is at 80 degrees C while doing nothing and ive noticed the laptop bogging down even with 8G of ram. do I need to upgrade the fan and heatsink assembly as well?
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  1. You might not have the heatsink mounted right. I would take it back apart and remount the cooler. It might need a better cooler as well. Not sure how laptop coolers work. But i would look at remounting the cooler first and go from there.
  2. yea I am pulling it apart now to take a look at that. I looked into both processors and they both have a thermal rating of 25w which means this heatsink and fan should in theory work. I think it may be an issue where I did not apply enough thermal paste. its rather hard to incorrectly mount the heaatsink on the cpu in a laptop.
  3. reapply thermal paste, leave it 10 mins and boot it again. check how the temps are.
    even if your cooler wasnt enought for that cpu the 80C idle its too hot.

    the quad core is a new cpu or used?
  4. the quad is new. I have it apart as we speak and am waiting for the alcohol that I used to clean the parts to dry. while I do that I am looking up the amount of thermal paste to use and a good way to spread it evenly. this is my first processor replacement in a laptop and I wont be overly upset if it doesn't work. the problem was also the system board. I reflowed the board in my oven and I was surprised that worked.
  5. ok so I have now tried a new heatsink and fan assembly. made sure to use the correct amount of thermal paste spread evenly. updated the bios. and I am still getting an overheat issue. under heavy load and at 36% the temps are sitting steady at 70-75 degree C. yet the hard drive is only at 45 C and I can feel the fan on the heatsink spinning. I am also currently running it with the battery removed, cpu max is down to 98% in power setting and it is sitting on a cooling pad. any thoughts?
  6. discovered the problem. the fan and heatsink assemble had dust hidden inside the fan blocking the entrance to the heatsink. a quick dismantle and blow out with some compressed air was all it needed. thank you for the help guys.
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