Computer only boots with 1 dimm of ram?

I just installed 2 dimm of corsair 4gb ram into my asus 1156 motherboard but with 2 dimms in wont load further than the asus logo change it back to 1 dimm and it does any ideas guys?

My system:

Corsair CX 430w PSU
P7P55D LE motherboard
i5 650
WD caviar Green
Asus GT640 GPU
T-link wireless card
CM 212 evo cooler
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  1. It is either the ram or the motherboard slot then.
    (Assuming the ram is a 2x4gb kit of ram that is the same)

    If the computer will boot with either stick of ram in that one slot on the motherboard then it is the motherboard.

    If only one stick of ram works in either slot of the motherboard, it is the other stick of ram that is bad.
  2. i can put 1 stick in A1 or B1 and it will boot and if i put in either ram stick it will also boot just not together
  3. a1 and b1 are the a memory channel try this way and press the mem ok button on the motherboard to see if she boot after you could try the a2 and b2 the b channel and do ther mem ok button if there is no boot ,if the system wont work with both stick in a or b channel you will have to rma motherboard .
  4. last time i attempted mem ok it sparked my ram dimm an fried both components :/
  5. nothing tried all of that the current samsung 1333 works in both dimms im trying also. just not the corsair but they work in my other system, strange..
  6. I'm not too sure about the Ram and CPU the ram is 1600mhz but the i5 650 only supports up to 1333mhz, and im currently freezing at bios screen with 2 sticks of corsair or BSOD with one, any ideas?
  7. Found this thread:

    This part in particular:

    "Asus reply me, they said :

    - My processor CAN handle 16Go of RAM but only at 1333Mhz and NOT at 1600Mhz. This is the reason why the motherboard can't POST.

    - However I ask why I cannot force the memory to be use at 1333Mhz and they respond : "Unfortunately I am afraid to say that it couldn't be said that, as if the cpu couldn't support that, the computer may meet many unstable issues like Bluescreen or freezing even if you let the memory run at 1333 MHZ"

    What a nightmare !"
  8. Motherboards should downclock the ram just fine to 1333 if that is all the CPU supports. Go through your motherboard manual on adjusting ram speed.

    With that being said I have yet to see a board/cpu that uses 1 speed wtih 1 dimm and a different speed with 2 dimms, it should be just the one speed for ram, no matter the size or quantinty.

    Make sure in your mobo manual that you are putting the dimms in the propper slots as well, some want you to do pairs in a1&a2, others want a1 and b1
  9. this look like you will need to rma the motherboard since all ram work on other system .
  10. if you could acces the bios set the ram at 1333 and auto then try with both stick on the same channel if that does not work ask for a rma on the motherboard the mem ok should have not spark and burn them .
  11. Yes all the corsair 1600 ram works on another system, but my samsung 1333 ram works on this system in all dimms
  12. check both the cas timing and the voltage of those ram try to set them manualy in the bios same as the samsung use cpu-z to check those .
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