What is the best price to performance ssd when paired with a 1tb hdd?

I figured I might as well buy an ssd when I upgrade to a new motherboard and cpu instead of wiping my hdd and re downloading everything. I will put windows 8.1 on the drive and maybe a few games, what is the best price to performance ssd that would give significantly faster load times with games and a fast boot up without any extra flab. I do not want anything over 128GB. Thanks
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    I see that your general goal is quickness. This is a nice setup.

    I would recommend cheap and proven ssds since ALL ssds are blazing fast compared to hdds and you will notice no difference between the synthetic performance differences. Those minor differences are for graphics creators and such.

    I recommend the toshiba q series pro. It is a top tier performing drive with proven components at super low cost. The sandisk ultra plus can sometimes be had for even less, and will be just as fast for your case.

    Some may recommend the samsung evo, but I don't for tlc. I will elaborate if you want but trust me, the two I listed are a better choice.
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