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Hi, I just downloaded Microsoft Network Monitor, I started a capture and noticed that there was a lot of traffic with my IP (not my routers IP) as the destination. I didn't have internet explorer open, or any other application, I understand that there should be some traffic, but there seems to be alot. They are mostly UDP with a couple ARP frames. I am not worried about the ARP frames, but all of the UDP frames are unknown sources, and there seems to be a LOT of different source IP's. Is this standard, or is this something that I should be looking into?
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  1. do you have a torrent device on that could be it .
  2. scout_03 said:
    do you have a torrent device on that could be it .

    I looked at all my running programs, my torrent didn't seem to be running, but even if It was, I don't have anything seeding or leaching, so I don't see how anyone traffic should go through that
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    If you have a router in front of your PC and you have not put the PC in a DMZ or have these UDP ports forwarded you can not be receiving data from outside your house unless your PC first opened the session. The NAT in the router will act as a firewall.

    I have not used mircosoft capture I normally use wireshark to get captures. What you want to do is watch for data being sent from your machine and then try to track it back to the process that created it. I know skype tends to talk to lots of random IP even when it is just sitting with no calls.

    I would ensure you do not have your PC in a DMZ since there is always scan traffic going on.
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