Cpu temp over 85°C at load.

Hello, I have recently bought a Scythe Katana 4 cooler. I installed it and everything and now it seems that the cpu is overheating under load. The temperature is jumping like crazy and I have 7 fans installed in the Zalman Z11plus case. Any suggestions?
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  1. well all you can do at this point is to try reseating it.
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    Yes, it's likely that you improperly installed the cooler or incorrectly applied the thermal paste.
  3. Those temps are very high. Try reapplying the thermal paste (Maybe a new brand?). I would also check that all the fans are working correctly and that a cable hasn't come loose .
    This is not the picture of my z11plus, i just used another to show you my fan setup and airflow. I aplied the thermal paste, i mounted the cooler correctly, it is fixed in place. I used the Scythe thermal paste, maybe its not that good?
  5. How do you corectly apply thermal paste? I know there are alot of ways, but dont know which is the best.
  6. I am using Speccy to view my system temp.
  7. I used 3 different programs and all 3 have different temp reading?
  8. your airflow looks good, how did you apply the thermal paste when you did it?
  9. I used a card to evenly dispence thermal paste on the cpu.
  10. Could you post what the other temp monitoring software says?
  11. I just reworked the wiring and saw that some screws were loose, but not the ones that connect to the motherboard. I also reaplied thermal paste differently and everything. Now it idles at 30°C and reaches maximum 56°C under heavy load. Thank you all. PROBLEM SOLVED!!
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