Dual R9 270x cards. 3 monitors each. One card not doing anything.

6 monitor setup, Win 7 Pro, R9 270x in Crossfire, 850w PSU, i7 4770k, Z87 mobo.

Both cards do show up in the device manager, but aside from that, I can't get the second video card to do anything - the three monitors connected to it remain dark. Doesn't show up in CCC, nor in the Control Panel (Appearance & Personalization-> Display -> Screen Resolution).

Did the CCC update to latest version, but not sure where to go from here.

Also related, but separate issue, every time I type the slightest thing, I get a flicker at the bottom of my screen on the two monitors that are using DVI (the one using HDMI doesn't do this).
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    Do you have Crossfire running? If so, disable Crossfire.
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