Motherboard USB 3.0 to WD External HDD USB 3.0

Can anyone help me with this problem? I have a Asrock B75 Pro-3 motherboard, it has two 3.0 USBs, installed with the latest Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller driver, with the 3.0 USB enabled in the BIOS settings, and running Windows 7 (64bit), and yes, up to date with latest drivers. I have a WD MyBook 4TB with a 3.0 USB connected to the 3.0 USB port, but it still transfers at normal 2.0 USB rate (at around 50mb/s).

Why isn't it transferring at a 3.0 USB rate?
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    I would run a benchmark on the drive. My seagate usb3 hits well over 100mb/s and unless you are transferring alot of small files yours should too. 50mb/s would be normal for transferring small files.

    As for why cant it use the full usb3 speed - the speed is dictated byt the slowest link in the entire chain. Throw a usb2 cable in there and watch it slow to a crawl. LoL In your case the slowest link should be the HDD.
  2. I was transferring a folder full of movies, and each movie is around 700mb, and the total folder size was around 130gb. My ext. HDD only has a 3.0 USB connection. One of my friends told me, it could be my processor? my processor is a i3 3.4ghz.
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