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I'm not sure I want to clutter up my new computer with transfer of all settings from old computer. What is reason for transferring program settings and user accounts? I will be keeping old computer - it is by no means ready to retire. New computer is for work only. So, can I just transfer files related to work or are there settings that are important to transfer that maybe I'm overlooking? My focus at office will be running Quickbooks, Microsoft Office Word and Excel. All three of those programs were clean installed on new computer with upgraded versions.
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    Just copy over whatever files you need. Via USB, LAN, Dropbox, whatever...

    No program settings needed. You've already installed the applications on the new OS. Just copy over whatever files you want.
  2. I don't recommend moving over settings to a new PC, files yes. Install the programs fresh and use the same settings if you like. You could run into issues trying to copy system/program settings over for numerous reasons. (Mainly different hardware)
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