Question about PSU for GTX 770

Hi Guys, I want to ask, I am currently using PC Power and Cooling Silence 750w for my old PC and I am trying to upgrade some of hardware. My question is, does my old PSU compatible with my current upgrade system? Here is the link to my old PSU

And do you think it's better that I upgrade my PSU too? I already have some PSUs in my mind. Which one do you recommend to me? Personally I like the Supernova

Here is the list
Corsair HX850
Evga Supernova 850 G2
Corsair AX860

And my upgrade system spec is
I5 4570
Asus Z87-A
Asus Geforce GTX 770 (Will SLI in the future)
Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB

I appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you
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  1. AX is a better line I think, you would probably be fine with 750W from Antec or Seasonic/XFX though

    update: saw the SLI comment. 850 from seasonic or xfx /antec would still be better
  2. 750 would be fine for sli with 770. The only issue you might have with it is it getting old AMD burning out. If your really worried you could always get a new one and up the watts to 800-1000.
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    As you see below, those are best psu on market so you can go for either evga or corsair ax but pick cheaper one :)

    Tier one - The highest quality and most stable PSUs available on the hardware market today. Highly recommended for any situation
    High Current Pro - 1200 watts
    High Current Platinum series

    Be Quiet Dark power pro P10 (Greater than 750 Watts)

    AX / AXi series (MK1 AX series is also an excellent choice)
    AX1500i (MK3 AX platform, Titanium efficiency)

    Supernova G2
    Supernova P2

    Kingwin Lazer platinum series
    PC Power & cooling Silencer series (Only above 610 Watts)

    S / M12 II Bronze series (Includes EVO series)
    Platinum series (Fanless or not)
    X series

    Super Flower
    Leadex Gold series
    Leadex Platinum series

    Black edition series
    XXX series
    credit: dottorrent
  4. Thank you all for your replies.

    Reply to quarrel: The reason that I want to get 850W is because I am worried that 750W wont be futureproof.

    But does my old PSU compatible with my new system spec?
  5. 750w is plenty for SLI GTX770s. 850w is no more future-proof than 750w.

    Your PSU is VERY VERY high quality BUT it is old and even high quality PSUs need replacing. I recommend getting a new 750w unit. The Antec HCG (non modular version) is OEM'd by Delta (the same or even better quality than Seasonic) and is very affordable. It is one of the best 750w units you can buy.

    If you want a modular unit, get an XFX.
  6. Thank you tiny voices for your reply. I agree with you that 850w is no more future-proof than 750w but I thought that "Hey my current old PSU is already 750w and if I want to upgrade, why don't I get 850w or 1000w for more head room in the future since I am going to SLI too but because of my limited budget, so 1000w is out of my reach". But again, thank you for your opinion. I will reconsider it. As for Antec HCG or XFX, Memory express has limited selection and they don't sell Antec HCG or XFX brand. After all, I kind of need it right now. Do you have other recommendation?
  7. Seasonic, Antec, Corsair (AX, HX, TX) and what I would recommend. 750w.
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