xfx r9 270x running at 99% load regardless of settings

Hey guys,
So after looking online a lot of people are saying it is bad to run your graphics card at 100% load for a long time. That being said I have just started playing bioshock infinite and my graphics card has been showing 100% load regardless of the settings I have the game on (low,med,high, etc..) but my fps is fantastic all the way up to ultra (60 fps stable on all settings, ultra drops to 40 so I have been playing on very high). So my question is, is it normal for my graohcs card to constantly be at that high an activity. It should be noted when I play other games (LoL, stick of truth, Battlefield) the card uses varying degrees of load, and does not sit at 99%. I am just concerned for the longevity of my card.

Additional useful information:
Temps in bioshock (50-60 degrees C)
Fan speed (75%)
fps from Fraps
GPU load from OpenHardwareMonitor (confirmed with AMD catalyst control)
(load stays at 98-99% when I tab out to check even)

Thank you!
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    Yes it is normal for your card to run almost at full load. It just depends on games. Now so long as your temp is not high on video card you will be fine. Video cards can go higher then 80c but not recommended for a long period of time. Yours running at 50-60c is fine, actually are great temps and should have no problems to run for a long time.

    Short answer your good, keep gaming
  2. Thanks for the quick response man, still trying to learn all this stuff. Tomshardware is great, as are you!
  3. Thanks, are you just getting into PC gaming?
  4. It is 100% fan speed that is bad, not 100% load. 75% fan speed is pretty loud though for me.
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