Just unistalled graphics drivers then installed new graphics card but kb and mouse won't work on login screen

Just got a new graphics card today, I uninstalled the amd graphic control center along with all the drivers. Restarted then powered it down. Then I installed my new R 290, boots up and my keyboard and mouse are powered on, however when it gets to the login screen they dont work and no longer have lights on. How do I system restore, I have key board and mouse control in the biios and entering into safemode does not work either. How should I resolve this problem ?
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  1. how did you go about uninstalling the drivers?

    list all hardware.............. include the PS also.
  2. I went to the control panel and used the uninstaller for amd catalyst center and clicked to option to remove all drivers

    here is my build - the 7950 now a r9 290
  3. Correction now, used an old key board (purple ending) and it worked. I did a system restore. What should I do now , install the new drivers then unistall the old or what?
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    the old mouse was a microsoft mouse?................. i had trouble once in a while in the past like this mouse problem. almost crazy but it happens.

    with your old mouse hooked up boot machine. when finished, plug in new mouse. let windows find it. when it does disconnect old mouse. all should be good.

    also, look in BIOS to make sure all usb's are enabled.
  5. you may have uninstalled the usb 3.0 drivers, try with a usb 2.0 slot
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