Acer Al1714 monitor problem

i have two monitor on my pc one working fine there signal and power nothing is wrong but the 2nd one. the Acer AL1714 monitor,i had it for a long time.One day it just turn off and it wont turn on, i tried pressing the power button nothing happens, the power led light is off. i check my power supply brick the led on it is on( i don't if led still turn on if its dead no idea) .

I tried unplugging the power adapter cable from the back and plugging it back, the power led on the front of the monitor would blink green once and screen blinks once and goes dark . press the power button nothing happens.

I repeated the unplugging and plugging thing and after many tries,it turn back on and there was signal and everything seen normal.i could turn it off and back on.(it still turn on after the next day if i turned it off)

I set my pc to turn off monitor if i am away from the pc for a certain amount of time. the monitor's led would turn orange indicating that its asleep, i wake up the monitor it would just do the same thing that it did from before blinks once and goes dark. both the power led and screen.

I know its not the pc end or the graphic card because my other monitor works fine.i have search and it all comes up the power supply but i am not sure, i just want someone to diagnose the problem so i could fix it

Thank you.

PS it still works i have been using it the past few days, only way to keep it working is to avoid it from sleeping. but some times it still turn off suddenly i just plug and unplug the power adapter cable till it turns on again.
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