How do I tell if a new PSU is functioning correctly before I wire it to my computer?

A couple weeks back I made a thread about how several HDDs were not working and I was not sure if it was just a string of bad luck or if my PSU was faulty. To recap: SSD was working perfectly but HDDs would not work. Someone linked me to an article on how to tell if my TVS diode was shorted out and sure enough, all HDDs were shorted out.

I finally got around to RMAing my PSU and should receive a new one in a few days. Last time I made sure that every single wire was the correct wire so I don't believe the first HDD dying was a human error (beyond not checking it first). I'm just terrified of something more important being ruined. Is there any way to test this?
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  2. My PSU turned on. The issue was that the +12V was shorting out my HDDs.
  3. Okay .
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