EVGA GTX 680 w/ Windows 8.1 Pro constantly having KERNEL Crash issues.

So occasionally, about 5-8 times a day, any game I'm playing decides to crash. I play 5-10 hours a day. This never happened in Windows 7, well it did but the fix (I think) was just trying out nearly every 310.xx and above drivers until it stopped. And it worked, but this is not an issue since I'm using 8.1, and the drivers are NOT compatible, apparently? I guess 8.1 is new?

Anyways, it's not a hardware issue, I think? Because it once worked on Win7 for over half a year.

If it's a psu problem, that's weird because the computer never locks up, I just ctrl-alt-del and go back in.

I think it's just driver issues.. can you run drivers in compatibility mode? Thanks a lot!!!
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  1. Have you tried to reinstall the driver?
  2. Yes. Twice.
  3. Didn't work.
  4. Man screw Windows 8. I would return it if I could. Lack of support ruins a platform so quickly.
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