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Hi. I have a laptop and the keyboard doesnt work properly so we went to the mall yesterday. There was a store that can replace the keyboard but it was expensive so we just bought a usb keyboard. It works but the built in keyboard keeps on typing by itself. Whenever I startup windows (7) there is a beeping sound and its stuck at "starting windows"
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  1. go into your device manager and disable the laptop keyboard.
  2. check your laptop keyboard for a stuck a key that hasnt come up,stuck in the down position.
  3. What is the make and model of your laptop?
  4. Acer aspire 5349-2481
  5. strange, disabling the keyboard worked for my girlfriend
  6. neon neophyte I already tried that and when I restarted this happened

    aldan the built in keyboard is broken and types itself
  7. Hi, just disconnect the ribbon cable for the keyboard from the motherboard.
  8. yes,but broken how? again,make sure a key isnt stuck in the down position.or not,your decision.
  9. jarotech I dont know how. I think I know what the motherboard looks like but I dont open my laptop

    aldan no keys are stuck. The keyboard is broken not on the outside but inside.
  10. damn,too bad.
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    Here is a video showing how to replace the keyboard, you just need to disconnect and remove the keyboard. If you replace the keyboard, you will know how to do it.
    Video :
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