Domain laptop with SSD stays forever on Logging In screen

I have a work laptop at work with Windows 7 that is on a domain. Whenever I login, it stays on the "Logging In" screen more than a minute. It is on a SSD and other PCs do not have this problem.

Other work laptops at the same location (literally next to it) do not have this problem.

Tried a

ipconfig /flushdns

But nothing

Where can I start troubleshooting?
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  1. You are not giving us much to go on.

    I have seen applications cause this, but it is trial and error to figure out which ones exactly.

    Another thing it could be. If you are using wireless and have a mapped network share that is on a part of the network not accessable by wifi, that could cause it as well.
  2. It could be profile related. Rename your profile(it will create a new one), and see if this helps.
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