Suggested Places to stick an anti-static wrist strap?

I need some help on where to clip my anti-static wrist strap too, im pretty sure you have to clip it to an unpainted metal surface but i dont really know any, please help, thanks :)
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  1. Hi pc noobist
    your powersupply is grounded you can clip it to the case on the PSU or any pipes in the house ,anything that is grounded
  2. Do i plug the power supply in turn on the SOCKET and turn off the POWER SUPPLY then attach the strap? or do i plug both and and turn BOTH off? thanks :)
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    just plug in the PSU, turn the PSU off then connect the strap to it.
  4. put the anti-static strap on your ankle, so that it wont bother with your work,

    then clip the other end to any metal object with contact to the ground/floor or anything metal attached to your house.
  5. Round your ankle - - seriously?
  6. Phillip Corcoran said:
    Round your ankle - - seriously?

    sorry for the lack of details.

    yes, around the ankle and it must have contact with the skin.
  7. woltej1 said:
    just plug in the PSU, turn the PSU off then connect the strap to it.

    can i still be grounded through an extension lead? sorry for the really late question.
  8. if you clip the strap to your psu with the psu plugged in you will be fine
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