ASRock 970 extreme 3 motherboard with amd fx4300

Is ASrock 970 extreme 3 mobo a good combination with AMD FX 4300 for gaming ???? i dont have enough budget to get bulldozer series.............please help me..........i have only rs 14000 for the budget..........if the combi is not good please suggest me under amd mobo's ............
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  1. 4300 isn't very good, get at least a 6300, although a modern i3 from Intel will perform better in most games and leaves more upgradeability.
  2. will i be able to run watch dogs smoothly in 4300 i high settings ????..........i already have xfx ati radeon 7770 gpu
  3. hello can you post in which site you are looking about that components? will be more helpfull to choose the best in your budget
  5. Katenso Chhakchhuak said:

    yes its ok with the cpu that i told you, but its more expensive. cpu+ mobo will go over your budget
  6. its ok if its 2 or 3k more.........
  7. Best answer
    Katenso Chhakchhuak said:
    its ok if its 2 or 3k more.........

    so go for the fx 6300 and the mobo that you said.
  8. yea
  9. You will run Watch Dogs on medium settings with your new CPU.
  10. can u tell me the fps for some 2013 games for da combo mentioned above
  11. can you guys tell me the fps for 2013 games for da combo mentioned above
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