How to turn off blue led fan light on Palit Super Jetstream 780

I bought a Palit Super Jetstream 780 and my build is an all red led build so the card looks out of place is there anyway anyone know's of that I can turn off the blue led light on the fan?
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    Not without disabling the fan. Those led's are usually running off the power source for the fan itself. You could try to disassemble the fan and by-pass the led with a small piece of wire and some soldering but I would never ever recommend it. Your best bet is probably going to be to contact Palit and see if they have any ideas. Short of that you may have to just live with it.
  2. Yeah figured as much :( it sound stupid but am likely gonna buy a new gfx soon because it bothers me that much lol I will probs wait for 800 series tho. will miss that card tho it was a little beast lol
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