Flash drive not showing up in device or disk manager

I have a flash drive, 16gb kingston. It won't show up in either device or disk manager, on multiple PC computers. It was working about 2 weeks ago, and now when I try to use it nothing. Is there anything else it could be besides just the drive dying? Also the drive doesn't make a sound when plugged in or anything, it doesn't show any signs of life.
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  1. Try diiferent PC or different USB ports, if you still can't use it, and it may be dead.
  2. I've tried all that, 3 different PC's and multiple USB ports on the computers, nothings worked. I believe the drive is dead, I was just wondering if theres anything I missed in a solution that could help fix it.
  3. RMA the USB to kingston.
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    Yes, RMA.
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