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Hi all, I have a ATI 7700 by asus 2gb edition. Had it installed and working and running BF4 for about 4 months now.

Now every time I try to play a graphic intensive game, the screen goes haywire and pixels flying everywhere then closes whatever game I was playing.

So far I found that I can run Leage of Legends with max settings, but you need to put a frame cap of 60 otherwise it will crash like the other games.

I have no way of trouble shooting as I dont have a spare pc to test my parts on.

Anyways I'm pretty sure its a power issue. Before I buy another psu i'd like some opinions on what i should do.

Here is everything that draws power in my rig...

i3 4430
cx430m psu
1 hard drive
5 fans
7700 asus gpu 2gb

Thanks in advanced for any information.
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  1. Driver update?
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    Artifacts and pixel are most likely a defective GPU, RMA it.
    7000 series has issues.
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