amd R9 270X OR NVIDIA GTX 760

for my new build i was looking for graphic cards in the range 200-250$ so basicaly i decided r9 270x or gtx 760
my question is gtx 760 worth 50$ more or should i buy r9 270x
any suggestion on older graphic card will also be welcomed
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  1. gtx 760
  2. The GTX 760 performs better on most games, the 270x performs a little better in BF4 because of Mantle, but the difference is so minimal that you wont even notice it.
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  4. yes 280 is best buy for the money but the main concern is that with amd you will miss out physix which a hell of a effect I believe see this

    if you prefer performance over visuals then definitely go for 280 as I am confused in this same options :-)
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