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Soon I am going to buy an SSD but I also want to keep my HDD for storage purposes. Instead of uninstalling windows on the HDD and reinstalling it on the SSD, could I just install a version of Windows on the SSD, whilst still having windows on my HDD?

Would I be able to make my PC primarily boot windows from my SSD instead of HDD?

I find it really tedious to back up all of my files (I have a lot), so if I could just avoid that and keep my files on my HDD without removing Windows that will be great.

Hopefully my concern is understandable. Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance!
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    Yes you can do it, as you said. you will do the ssd your primary disk, and your pc will boot from the ssd.

    connect the ssd in the sata 1, choose in your bios to boot from the ssd and you are ok.
  2. Great, thank you!
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