How many degrees does the 780Ti run at?

You can say normal degrees (celsuis) or fahrenheit, doesn't really matter. I've heard it runs at about 80 degrees but i'm not sure
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    of any card i have ever seen the asus 780ti is the coolest running card it was maxing out just about everything and never getting above 65c
  2. i never saw it get to 80's even when we were stress testing but it does get warmer with ssaa it is the best card i have ever actually got to use. Just waiting for the r9 295x
  3. The reference style usually hits around 82C.

    All of the non-reference coolers keep it substantially cooler. My EVGA version that has the ACX cooler never goes above 65C, and is usually in the high 50's while gaming.
  4. 83c is the preset default Temp Target. The card will adjust its clock speeds, fan speeds, and voltage to maintain its Temp Target.
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