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I am wanting to have a triple monitor set-up for work. I currently have 2x Hp ZR24w IPS monitors, but I want the middle monitor to be a Dell U2413, so I am looking for a triple monitor stand that can adjust outwards so that the monitors from the front are flush, as the Dell is thinner than the HP monitors. Is there anything like that on the market?

I’m wanting a stand rather than a clamp. I would just buy a longer desk, but don’t have the room. I want the monitors to run horizontally and angled slightly from the middle monitor, not stacked or straight.

Any suggestion?, thank : - )
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  1. I use the cheap ebay triple monitor stand, works great for price
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    Had a look on ebay but didn't find anything I liked. Read a lot of reviews but all the ones with good ratings were £250+ and I'm not paying that for what is essentially a chunk of welded metal. these companies are having a laugh. Found one in the end that has great user reviews and only £125 retail. I found the model I like under different brand names, ScanFX , Planar, Freedom9, Amer, Amr3s, Dyconn, and a few others. All exactly the same design and quality. The brand I went for is the Digitus DA-90315. Should arrive tomorrow :-)
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