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Hey guys i have a question about whether or not to upgrade my pc monitor, i currently have a viewsonic 19" 1440x900 lcd monitor would it make that big difference into my gaming experience (nfs - bf4) if i upgraded to like Samsung 1900x1080 led monitor?
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  1. Well, if you got a 1920x1080 monitor, it would probably be at least 21.5". So in addition to the increased pixel count, you would have more screen space, so yes it would be a pretty noticeable upgrade. It will also cause your video card to work a little harder, which in turn will drop your fps by roughly ~30%
  2. I believe it would; you really see a lot more, but remember that you will need a graphics card upgrade too or your frame rates will dive.
  3. I have a msi gtx 670 pe/oc, should i upgrade that?
  4. A GTX670 should have no problem with a 1920x1080 monitor; you'll be fine.
  5. I recently upgraded from 1440x900 to 1920x1080. Took a few days to completely get used to it but I love the extra screen space.
    My low end GPU definitely shows reduced performance though. A 670 will have no problem
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    I also recently upgraded from 1366x768 to 1920x1080, and although at first it was a bit hard, I must say that the impact it makes is huge. I completely recommend the upgrade, it's more than worth it. It's a big improvement on gaming, but it's even bigger on everything else. Working on Office, web browsing, the ability to see a full HD video.... Everything is WAY better
  7. Thanks alt guys all of your answers are alt helpful
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