Intel Turbo Boost not in bios - CPU stuck at 800 MHz

I recently bought a laptop from CyberPower, which lists the clock for the CPU before and after Intel Turbo Boost (2.00/3.20GHz) but I cannot find Intel Turbo Boost anywhere in the BIOS. I have enabled/disabled it on other computers so I'm sure it's not there. I also looked for other things such as speedstep.

I am starting to think the motherboard doesn't even support ITB but I thought I would ask here before giving up. So what are my options to at least get it to the base clock speed (2Ghz)? Right now it's at a steady 800 MHz.

Here is the laptop I have:
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    I think you are going too much off BIOS. My laptop does not say it has turbo boost either, but it still turbos the CPU.

    Speed step is enabled. Intel doesn't make a chip except maybe BayTrail that can run at 800Mhz unless speed step is enabled. Have you tried any real tests or monitors? If not, download OpenHardwareMonitor or CPU-Z, then do something like compress a large folder. You don't need an extensive benchmark. Just watch OpenHardwareMonitor or GPU-Z and you will see it shoot up probably to 3.2Ghz in seconds of starting the file compression.
  2. No problem, glad I could help :)
  3. You were very right my friend. My problem was that I was using Ubuntu and could not find a program that would show me my CPU clock speed in real-time, which is why I was getting 800 MHz. I ended up going back to Windows 7 for multiple reasons, and CPU-Z shows it changing depending on what I am doing (3.20 GHz max as advertised), so it was working the whole time.

    I appreciate the advice IInuyasha74!
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