Cannot find signed drivers new build OS install windows 8.1.

I recently purchased a new computer and had it built for me, and it has no OS on it at the moment. The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H, and I've tried for hours many different suggested solutions that I've found on the web. Whenever I get to "load a driver" screen for the windows installation, it finds none that are compatible with the hardware. I've put the iso file for windows on a USB (I built the PC without an optical drive) and formatted it using different software programs, like the Windows USB/DVD download tool and UltraISO, all to no avail. I've read the manual for installing windows 8.1 that I received with the motherboard, and it said to copy over on the usb the IRST folder in BootDrv from the disc provided, but the driver that it tells me to load is "not compatible with the computer's hardware". I've tried going into bios and setting the SATA config to IDE, and AHCI, but both do not show the driver. I've attempted both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, both with the same results of being stuck at the driver screen. I have no clue what to try next, any help would be great.
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    You may need to do this from another computer, but go to the above site, select your OS
    & download all the drivers for that motherboard.
  2. So I did that, and i went back to the PC , and it finds drivers but none that appear without unchecking the "hide uncompatible to computer's hardware" button. Its the same as when I followed the guide manual. Had to browse on the usb for drivers, and i tried different folders, even though I'm guessing the right one would be the "Intel SATA Preinstall" driver x64.
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