How does speed work in RAID 1?

I just bought a new 2 TB WD Black drive, and nice as that is I still would like a backup for all my data (mostly games, hence the Black). If I get a cheapy 2 TB Seagate or WD Green drive and put that cheap drive in RAID 1 with my Black drive, what will the performance difference be like? Will it even be worth it or should I just image the Black drive's contents over and not concern myself with RAID at all?

I'm assuming the same philosophy carries over to RAID 10, but if it doesn't, please specify.

Thanks in advance.
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    Performance will be dragged down to the speed of the slowest.

    Far better to just set up a source and target folder, and use something like SyncBack Free to copy the contents over once or twice a day.
  2. The WD green drives are not meant(designed) to be used in raid. If you want to raid, get another WD black.
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