Rosewill Thor V2 versus Rosewill Throne-- Also looking for build suggestions

The Rosewill Thor V2 versus the Rosewill Throne? Which would you recommend?
Also, would there be any major losses in choosing the windowed Throne over the regular Throne case as the side panel fan is removed (but it comes pre-installed with more fans).

Windowed Throne
Rosewill Throne
Thor V2

I'm looking at doing a new PC build, and am not sure which case would be best for the build. Both are full towers, with small differences from what I can see. Any ideas or suggestions as to which I should use? Any experiences with either?

The build I am looking at is similar to this: here
however, I am looking at waiting for the i7-4790k and this Z97 MOBO: here

I am potentially looking at even future upgrades on the system (SLI, water cooling, etc).

I'm also open to any build suggestions from more experienced builders, as this will be my first desktop build. The purpose of this PC would be for high-end gaming, as well as the use of computationally heavy software (such as CFD simulations, etc.). The budget I have for this system is around $1200-$1750ish before tax.
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  1. The THOR V2 100%
  2. dbgtfan said:
    SR-71 Blackbird said:
    The THOR V2 100%

    Any reason why you suggest the Thor V2 over the Throne?

    I own the thor v2.
    it is stellar. the slanted panel with the usb ports and other things is great to access.
    there is a rubber surface behind the slanted front where you can put stuff.
    i like very much that i do not have to open a door to access the dvd drive or other bays.
    the fan speed turn buttons are pretty cool as are the led's.

    i looked at the throne. i dont like the horizontal access. its hard enough to dust of the 30degree slant.
    i like the buttons to change fan speed better compared to the sliders.
    also, the thor has two led stripes on the slanted surface in addition to the front fan led.
    I just think the Thorv2 is a better design!
    and an access door. C'MON!!!
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    The THOR V2 100%

    Any reason why you suggest the Thor V2 over the Throne?
  4. I JUST LIKE THE BUILD QUALITY and the look of the Thor.
  5. Any other opinions on the case or the build itself?
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