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Hello, my current ram is giving me problems (it sometimes works in the correct ram slots and then after a while gives me error code 55 and won't boot, saying there isn't any ram inserted... when there is) so I have two sticks in the last slots (So I get 6/GBs speed on my ram instead of the optimized 24/GBs... Because of this I'm just going to buy new ram all together. I've checked the Asus website for my ram to check compatibility, but for the ones that are there- I see mixed reviews.
Will these work for my mobo? :
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  1. What set of DRAM do you currently have?
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    What set of DRAM do you currently have?

    I have these:
  3. Should work unless a bad stick, do you have the latest BIOS? Tried them in slots 1-3 or 2-4 using XMP?
  4. I have the latest BIOS, I've tried both sticks in every combination of the slots & with/without XMP for each one (if it was able to boot for me to enable it). & it's not the mobo memory slots because I've seen them work in the extreme off chance that the memory was recognized.
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    Of those 2 I'd go the Vengeance Red, 1866, better than 1600, think at that price point though I'd either go high perforformance 1600/7

    (these can easily run 1866/8 or 2133/9) or lower priced, jump to the 2133/10 Snipers
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